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Setting up your Google Calendar & Outlook to sync with iCal.
Apple has done a stellar job of simplifying connecting to Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. For that matter Microsoft and Google have made great strides to make their services available to multiple platforms. To add calendar accounts to your iCal you have to be running Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). This OS has the underlying services to support interfacing with other platforms.
Steps are simple to add accounts because you just need to have your account username and password. Both Outlook and Google usernames are your email address.

Step 1 - Open iCal - Goto iCal Menu/preferences click on accounts icon picture one
Step 2 - Add account by clicking plus sign. Select from drop down menu "Exchange 2007" picture two
Step 3 - Enter your username and password. Click Create button picture three

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Step 4 - Exchange 2007 has an additional step that asks if you would like to add email and contacts. Check boxes to have these automaticaly added to Mail and Contacts. picture four
Step 5 - Success should look like this. Google or Outlook Calendar should show up on iCal side bar. picture five
Adding these calendars to your iCal gives you the the ability to add or copy calendar appointments to the calendars that don't have the appointment. Move appointment from Google Cal to iCal or Outlook. Just copy then paste.

Outlook 2010 Calendar, typically used by large institutions and companies
offers a scheduling assistant that enables you to match up multiple users schedules to find the best meeting time.

Enjoy the ease of having all your dates in one place!

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