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Mac Care Tips for maintaining your Apple equipment & data.
So you have a new Apple Mac computer. What can you do to keep it in good working
order for as long as possible. We will break down the care options into three categories.
As a general rule "keep your computer cool" is the best care practice.
Heat is the biggest enemy of your equipment and data.
We can recover your data should you need this done. Read the bottom of this page.

Laptops: Avoid overheating your Macbook Laptop by always keeping your laptop
elevated in the back. Here are the tools you can use simple to advanced:
A number 2 pencil seated underneath the back base of your macbook to separate the base from surface it is sitting on. Use when you don't have a cool pad.
A metal trivet is a good tool to lift your macbook off your desktop surface. Good for the dining room and doesn't look geeky.
Use a cool pad with active fan cooling that blows air onto the base of your Macbook and still leaves a gap under the macbook base.
Avoid Physical shock - Don't drop something on your Macbook especially when it is operating. Apple invented the sunden motion sensor to protect the drive (which holds your data) when the laptop drops. But it doesn't protect data when something drops on the laptop.
Cleaning - Don't spray any cleaning solution directly on your laptop. Use a micro fiber cleaning cloth or to clean with a liquid cleaner use t-shirt cloth with windex sprayed on the cloth. Wipe the surface of the laptop.
Transport - in a well padded laptop case with all external devices unplugged.
BACKUP your DATA - with todays technology you can back most of your important data onto thumbdrives (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) these cost under $50.
Mac to Mac Service always has some in stock if you need one.

Desktops: Desktops are your trusty always works computer until one day it
doesn't. The iMac though trusty has some care needs. Inside this finely designed computer there is a lot of heat disapation happening. Heat finds its way to the densest object - the hard drive.
Though Apple has refind the cooling properties of the iMac they are also putting faster and faster (more heat) processors in the iMac. The fans that are used to cool the insides of an iMac or Mac pro tower work very well until they get filled with dust. The cooling fans are little vacum cleaners that suck up dust all the time. Once the fan and cooling fins on the heat transfer unit for the processor are clogged the minutes start ticking on the life of your iMac or Mac Pro.
Get your iMac and Mac Pro professionaly cleaned so that your processor and hard drive don't burn up. Mac to Mac Service cleans these all the time but it is usually after the customer has brought in the Mac for a failed hard drive. Those who do proper maintencance can extend the life of their equipment for 2 or more years.
Schedule a maintenance/cleaning with Mac to Mac Service.

  iMac G5 motherboard Are you reading these care tips too late?
Mac to Mac Service can fix your Mac for you. If your drive is failing we often can recover your data when it is safe to do. A failed hard drive can be caused by software faults or hardware failure. When it is hardware failure we can send your drive out for hardware recovery if you request it.

Here is a good hardware recovery company.

ACS Data Recovery - Provider of hard drive and RAID data recovery services.

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