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Preventing Flashback Malware from installing on your Mac.
Be aware that there is a Malware that attacks the Mac OS X computer platform as of 4/1/2012. This malware is called 'flashback' which is masking itself as an Adobe Flash update.
When you surf to a web page with your browser (for me this happened when I went to eBays home page) an Adobe Flash update window pops up over the browser window saying there is a Flash update ready for your computer. The window looks like the typical adobe flash update window with the two option buttons 'Later' or 'Install'. There is also the little check box for don't remind me which when checked disables the install button. If you click install it flips to the ready to install window instantly.
   • Suspicious activity alert #1 - Correct Flash update behavior after you click install is to evoke the action to download the update installer to your Mac which takes at minimum 10 to 30 seconds - a noticeable delay.

My suspicions were alerted because the download was too fast. I quit Safari to go forward with the install. All browsers have to be quit before installing flash player. I checked my finder window and there was no mounted image file in the finder.
   • Suspicious activity alert #2 - Standard Flash update downloads a file that can be seen in your downloads list 'install_flash_player_osx.dmg' and a mounted .dmg file in the finder window.

STOP - At this point I stopped. I didn't click install and quit the suspicious adobe flash installer.
CHECK - I then proceeded to to check the version of my flash player.
TEST - Visit this page - See Photo 3
Enter this keyword search in their search window 'check flash' click on the link that says
'Find version | Flash Player'- See photo 1-2

TEST - This will bring you to Adobe's flash test page which will test for the presence of flash on your computer and tell what version it is and also tell you the current version of flash available for install. See Photo 3

The results for me showed that I already had the current version installed.
This proved that the Suspicious activity was indeed not normal and most likely the flashback malware. This malware, when installed, hooks to your system and feeds all your browsing data to some outside entity. Which in turn bogs down your internet speed not to mention may feed your personal data to some one who shouldn't have it.

Be suspicious of any Adobe Flash installer going forward apply this procedure.
STOP the install - quit it - You can relaunch it if it is a true installer because the file will have downloaded to your Downloads folder. See Photo 4
If all is ok Quit your browsers and open the downloaded Flash Installer from your Downloads folder. Opening the installer involves double clicking on the .dmg file which then mounts the installer folder on your desktop. See Photo 5
Open the folder and double click on the installer file. See photo 6-7
Proceed with the install.

Enjoy Malware free surfing and use of your Mac. MtM
Read more about the Flashback Malware.

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